When Fleet Maintenance is outsourced, it is important to review the costs associated with the different vendors. There are three main cost areas to consider when comparing vendors:       1) The initial investment required to set up the account and get the vehicles on the vendor’s schedule. 2) The monthly or yearly fee for the service. 3) The costs associated with any repairs that are needed as a result of the preventative maintenance inspections. When looking at the initial investment, it is important to consider how long it will take to get the return on investment (ROI). For example, if the initial investment is $1,000 and it will take two years to get the ROI, then the total cost of ownership (TCO) would be $2,500. To calculate the monthly or yearly fee, simply multiply the number of vehicles by the monthly or yearly fee. For example, if the monthly fee is $50 per vehicle and there are 10 vehicles in the fleet, then the monthly fee would be $500.  To calculate repair costs, first determine the average cost of repairs for each vehicle type. Then multiply that number by the number of vehicles in each vehicle category. For example, if the average cost of repairs for a car is $100 and there are 20 cars in the fleet, then car repair costs would be $2,000 per year. Comparing these three cost areas will give you a good idea of which vendor is best for your company.